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This is why he wanted to kick your butt Spongebob

He never forgave. He never forgot.


when someone cries because you said something nice to them, they’re someone who you need to protect because they haven’t seen enough kindness in the world.

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

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Harvest. | Karan Singh
Went to VA beach for a fun, three day vacation with A.P. ❤️💏 Take us baaaack.

I really wish my dad wasn’t so bad at saving money. He’s the whole fucking reason why we can’t do shit to improve anything. he always needs to borrow money, need a car? Give him the money first and he’ll partially fix your shit or give you some damn piece of junk. Bills to pay? Yea, if it’s under his name, they’re 3 months late. He spends all his fucking money on more and more cars when half of them he can’t find parts for to sell them. So many cars that he has to ask one of us for money and promises to give it back once he sells something. It usually takes a month for him to pay us back and we always have to argue with him for it back. I swear man I can’t deal with this shit and idk how tf my mom has put up with it. Like you can never give him money hoping he’s going to pay for the bills cuz he’ll just does it on cars and hopes he’ll sell something in order to pay for shit. He can never fucking save up. and we can’t either cuz he takes our shit. I’m never letting him borrow money it pisses me off when I feel broke. I can’t do shit!! god why the fuck is my dad so irresponsible. He’s almost 50 and he still does this she like do you not see a fucking pattern? god damn

CHRIS 😍 I CAN’T STAND YOUR CUTENESS! Can you tell the little angel had a great time? He loved his piñata 😘👶 happy birthday again to the baby minion :) 💛💙 I love you oh so muchh. Props to @cccrystalized for the photo ✊
Happy 1⃣st birthday to the sweetest, craziest, and funniest little baby I know!! Auntie loves you so much Christopher 😭😊💋💙💞 you make life so much better with your smile you little bundle of joy 💙💜❤️

Autumn Sangria with Hard Cider by (MissMopo) | Recipe